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A Six Week Strategy &
Business Development Program

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The EsquireSuccess Coaching Program™ is the premier step-by-step program for solo practicing and small law firm attorneys to develop a consistent pipeline of new clients, and achieve measurable revenue increases, while sustaining them for the long-term. This program provides 21st Century strategies and execution techniques that help establish the clarity and certainty you need to effectively position and market your law practice so that you can increase your personal income, gain more freedom of time, and have a greater impact on your clients, family, and community.

EsquireSuccess Offers A Strategic Program Customized To Your Unique Law Firm:

EsquireSuccess Ideal Client Discovery

Ideal Client Discovery

Working together, I’ll take you through a formal process that gives you the clarity and confidence you need to define and focus on your ideal clients. It is here that you’ll develop specific criteria so that you can find and target those ideal clients with certainty and ease.

Develop Signature Messaging

Once we have identified your Ideal Avatar, we will create your signature messaging. This signature messaging will clearly state your true value, therefore resonating to get the immediate attention and interest of your ideal clients. We’ll develop this signature messaging so that it will impact your marketing materials, website, social media, and most importantly, the meaningful conversations you have with prospective clients.

EsquireSuccess Signature Messaging
EsquireSuccess Dynamic Marketing

Dynamic Marketing Machine™

With exact clarity and certainty regarding your ideal clients, we’ll develop your Dynamic Marketing Machine™, one which places you and your signature message in front of them on a consistent, daily basis. This makes them fully aware of you, your expertise, and how you solve their existing problem. Your DMM will also leverage today’s technology, automating parts of this process, making it extremely efficient. This is a great advantage, as it continues to consistently fill your pipeline while servicing your existing clients or spending time away from your practice, allowing you to pick and choose your clients.

Value Positioning

You can capitalize on your years of experience and expertise by shifting your focus away from the time you spend working to the outcome and value of your results. In this process you’ll learn how to clearly and concisely articulate the results and value you provide to the client. This positioning is client-centric and will perfectly align with your ideal client’s needs, creating a desire to purchase your solution. It’s through this compelling Value Positioning that your fees can be significantly increased. Using this exact approach my clients have been able increase their fees 30-200% or more.

EsquireSuccess Value Positioning
EsquireSuccess Strategy Program

Navigate Meaningful Conversations

You’ll learn how to secure, navigate, and lead meaningful conversations with prospective clients and influential referral sources without using pushy or outdated sales tactics. You will also learn how to articulate your value in a compelling and persuasive way, while fully anticipating and overcoming the most common objections you will hear with confidence and ease. This module also includes how to track and understand key metrics.

Additional Modules Include

Powerful Networking Strategies, Financial Goal Setting, Mindset Coaching, How to Build Your Authority, Social Media Tactics, How to Convert Warm Leads into Paying Customers, Highly Effective Follow-up Strategies, Creating Impactful Marketing Materials with Strong Calls to Action, Converting Cold Traffic, and much, much more.

EsquireSuccess Modules

Easy Weekly Modules

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Learn At Your Own Convenience 24/7 On Any Device

Login to your own secured client portal to access your program and complete lessons at your own pace, at whatever time of the day or night is most convenient for you. Your access to these training modules will be evergreen, that way you can review and remaster each lesson in perpetuity.

EsquireSuccess Offers

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Exclusive online access

  • Video Lessons

  • 1-1 Coaching Calls

  • Goals & Mindset Coaching

  • Worksheets

  • Templates

  • Scripts

  • Help Desk

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