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How To Supercharge Your Law Practice

A Business Development Guide


EsquireSuccess free webinar

Presented By

Dominick N. Biangone

Dominick is a Strategy & Business Development Expert, CEO of Esquire Success, and Business Coach to Elite Entrepreneurial Attorneys. He has been called a “Master Entrepreneur”, having personally started, grown, and sold multiple businesses in multiple industries. He has consulted hundreds of doctors, lawyers, and business owners in over 50 industries. For the last 20 years he has been in the trenches building businesses and serving his dedicated clients, while achieving incredible ROI's along the way.


This whitepaper distills the most pertinent surveys and reports regarding the 2017 legal marketplace into one easy to read eBook.

Sections include:

  • The State of the 2017 Legal Market
  • Attorneys' Reaction to the 2017 Challenges
  • 2018 Legal Industry Outlook
  • Who will win in 2018 and beyond

Bonus Material:

  • 21st Century Strategy & Execution Methods
  • Strategic Steps for Effective Business Development
  • Your Opportunity vs. Opportunity Cost
  • How to Maximize Your Business Development Efforts

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